EAJ Overview

About EAJ

Voluntarily, Independently, and Internationally

・Established in 1987, Incorporated in 1998
・Elected as a CAETS member in 1990
・Changed to a Public Interest Incorporated Association in 2013

The Engineering Academy of Japan Inc. (EAJ) is composed of leading experts from academia, industry, and government institutions who possess a wide range of knowledge and have made outstanding contributions in engineering and technological sciences, and closely related fields.

Basic Policy of EAJ

Engineer the Future Society for Human Security and Well-being

・Make Policy Recommendations
・Exchange Ideas Internationally
・Foster Next Generation Leaders
・Cultivate Engineering Literacy of People
・Get Together and Co-Create

(2017 Nov. 22)


Japanese Members: 811
  636 (April 1, 2017) → 752 (August 29, 2018)

Foreign Associates: 30
  Other Academy Members:14
  Non-Japanese Residents:16

Corporate Members: 47

As of December 9, 2019


**Specialties // Mechanical Engineering / Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Informatics / Chemical & Materials Engineering / Building & Civil Engineering / Resources & Energy Engineering / Physics / Life Science (Healthiness) / Socio-economics, Policy Science / Trans-disciplinary Sections **

Board of Directors 2018/2019

President Abé, Hiroyuki  
Deputy President Nakamura, Michiharu  
Executive Vice President Koizumi, Hideaki  
Vice President Nakanishi, Tomoko / Kamon, Masashi / Kobayashi, Yoshimitsu  
Executive Director Nagano, Hiroshi  
Associate Executive Director Nagai, Kotobu / Oeda, Kenji*   *Full time  
Director Arikawa, Setsuo / Ishizuka, Masaru / Ota, Koichi / Okada, Masuo / Onodera, Tadashi / Kitamura, Takayuki / Kyuma, Kazuo / Kobori, Hiromi / Saeki, Hiroshi / Sakata, Toichi / Takamatsu, Hiroshi / Tanaka, Toshihiro / Tsuji, Astuko / Tsuji, Yoshiko / Nakajima, Yoshikazu / Hashimoto, Masahiro / Baba, Naoshi / Hayashi, Hideki / Harayama, Yuko / Hino, Shinichi / Miyagi, Mitsunobu / Murakami, Hideyuki / Wang, Shuoyu

Auditor Taniguchi, Isao / Hino, Mitsutaka  
Executive Adviser Nishizawa, Jun-ichi / Yoshikawa, Hiroyuki  
President Emeritus Komiyama, Hiroshi  
Adviser Hori, Yukio / Aoyama, Hiroyuki / Kunitake, Toyoki / Ito, Yoshimi / Mitsui, Tsuneo / Kawasaki, Masahiro / Taneichi, Takeshi / Kamiyama, Shinichi / Misono, Makoto / Tsuge, Ayao / Matsuo, Tomonori / Kajiyama, Tisato  
  As of November 20, 2019  




Engineer the Future

2nd EAJ Forum Roles of Engineering in the Future - June 6, 2019

Keynote lectures by prominent members are organized just after EAJ Annual Meeting to view the cutting edge of engineering and the relationship with society.

EAJ-Corporate Members Dialogue

EAJ regularly reviews its activities through exchanging opinions mainly with affiliate companies to strengthen cooperation.


  (Date) (Main Events in 2019)  
  2019.03.09 EAJ “Science for Policy Making” Project
1st Public Research Meeting was held as the kick-off workshop for this grant research.
  2019.02.18 Human Resource Development Committee Symposium “The Role of University Doctoral Courses for Developing Leaders in Japan” A lecture by former Minister of Education Yoshimasa Hayashi and panel discussions by experts.  
  2019.01.09 Kansai Branch Lecture “Role of Engineering in Medical Engineering Information Collaboration” The first lecture from the perspective of medical engineering informatics collaboration for regenerative medicine based on data science.
  2018.11.28 Kyushu Branch “Diversified Social Contributions Through Engineering” Lectures for young students at the National Institute of Technology Oita College.  
  2018.11.02 EAJ “Next Generation Material System” R & D of ultra-small signal measurement should be promoted by combining materials, processes, and device technology ideas.  


Policy Proposal

As a unique non-governmental engineering academy, EAJ, can propose authentic third opinions for all the parties concerned.

Mr. Masahiko Shibayama (Center) and Member of EAJ

Visited Mr. Masahiko Shibayama (Center), Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to explain the contents of the emergency proposal and exchange opinions on the direction of science and technology policy.

(Date) (Title)
2019.04.08 Emergency Recommendation2019 - In order to stop the decline of Japan's engineering and science and technology capabilities -
2018.04.19 Recommendations for realizing new ways of working, how to live, how society should be - Towards social implementation of tele-existence
2018.03.22 Towards compatibility between sophistication of medical care and sustainability of medical system
2018.03.16 Integration and collaboration for further development of material research in Japan
2017.05.11 Emergency Recommendation2017 - In order to stop the decline of Japan's engineering and science and technology capabilities -
2017.04.30 Activities for social implementation of biomass energy in East Asia
2017.04.18 Pursuing the development of renewable energy where the region becomes a beneficiary


Inter-academy Collaboration

Inter-academy Meetings

(International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences)

2019.06 Stockholm "Next 100 Years"
2018.09 Montevideo "Sustainable Development of Agroforestry Systems"
2017.11 Madrid "Challenges of the Bioeconomy"
2016.09 London "Engineering a Better World"
2015.10 New Delhi "Pathway to Sustainability"

(East Asia Round Table Meeting of Academies of Engineering)

22nd 2019.12, Osaka "Medicine-Engineering Collaboration"
21st 2018.10, Hangzhou "New Generation of AI"
20th 2017.09, Busan "Smart City"
19th 2016.09, Fukuoka "Advanced Maintenance"
18th 2015.11, Wuhan "Advanced Manufacturing"


Multi-disciplinary Programs for Fostering Young Leaders

(Japan America Frontiers of Engineering Symposium) by NAE-JST-EAJ

15th 2020.06, Irvine
14th 2018.06, Tsukuba
13th 2016.08, Irvine

(Australia-Japan Emerging Research Leaders Exchange Program) 2009-2017 by ATSE-JSPS-EAJ
The Joint Symposium of ERLEP Trans-Disciplinary Forum by ATSE-EAJ

3rd 2019.10, Sapporo
2nd 2018.12, Melbourne
1st 2017.12, Fukuoka


Regional Activity

-Contribute to regional development
-Local activities for EAJ members
-Nation-wide distribution of EAJ members and activities