East Asia Round Table Meeting of Academies of Engineering (EA-RTM) Steering Committee

The Chinese Academy of Engineering,  The National Academy of Engineering of Korea and The Engineering Academy of Japan have got involved in cooperative activity in East Asia called the "RTM" since 1997. Holding regular meetings, which have been hosted in rotation of three countries, they have discussed about engineering and technology-related issues of common interest.
* formerly called "Roundtable Meeting of Engineering Academies of China, Korea and Japan (RTM)"

Chair: Nozomu Mishima


2016 Fukuoka / Japan "Advanced Maintenance"
2015 Wuhan / China "Advanced Manufacturing"
2014 Jeju / Korea "Emerging Technology for Aging Society"
2013 Tokyo / Japan RTM only
2012 Fukuoka / Japan (postponed) "Engineering towards Human Security and Well-being"
2011 Busan / Korea "Digital Innovation"
2010 Xi'an / China "Engineering Technologies in the Circular Economy"
2009 Nagoya / Japan "Transportation toward Low Carbon Society"
2008 Seoul / Korea "Convergence Technology"
2007 Beijing / China "Innovation"
2006 Tokyo / Japan "Institutional Innovation in East Asia"
2005 Seoul / Korea "New and Renewable Energy"
2004 Suzhou / China "Engineering Technology and Sustainable Development"
 - Declaration on Engineering Ethics
   Attachment: Asian Engineers' Guideline of Ethics
2003 Tokyo / Japan "Better Engineers, Better Professionals"
 - RTM Task Force Report 2003
2002 Seoul / Korea "Role and Status of Engineers in the Society"
2001 Chonqing / China "Engineer Professional Accreditation and Engineering Education"
2000 Awaji / Japan "IT and Engineering Education Based on Our Common Culture"
1999 Seoul / Korea "Role of Engineers in Environmental Conservation"
1998 Hanagzhou / China "The Asian Financial Crisis and Engineering Technology"
1997 Osaka / Japan "On the Roles of Non-Governmental Engineering Academies"