International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences (CAETS) Steering Committee

CAETS is an independent nonpolitical, non-governmental international organization of engineering and technological sciences academies, with only one member academy per country.

Chair: Kotobu Nagai




13-15 October 2015"Pathways to Sustainability in the Energy, Mobility and Health Care Sectors"  New Delhi / India
02-04 June 2014"Engineering and the Future of Humankind"  Beijing / China
28 June 2013"Educating Engineers"  Budapest / Hungary
31 August 2012"Urban Development and Public Transportation: Improved Understanding of the Interdependencies"  Zurich / Switzerland
29-30 June 2010"Sustainable Food Systems-Toward Food for All"  Copenhagen / Denmark
13-17 July 2009"Global Natural Resources-Management and Sustainability"  Calgary / Canada
25-27 June 2008"Delta Technology for a Sustainable and Habitable Planet"  Hague / Netherlands
23-26 October 2007"Environment and Sustainable Growth"  Tokyo /Japan
01-02 June 2006"The Role of Hydrogen in Our Energy Future"  Brussels / Belgium
10-14 July 2005"Oceans and the World’s Future"  Cairns / Australia


01 July 2011EAJ Remarks at CAETS 2011 Mexico Council Meeting Mexico City/ Mexico