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公益社団法人 日本工学アカデミー



Email: academy(at)
Phone: 03-6811-0586
〒101-0064 東京都千代田区神田猿楽町二丁目7番3号 HKパークビルⅢ 2F



Mission of the Engineering Academy of Japan

The Engineering Academy of Japan Inc. (EAJ) is composed of leading experts from academia, industry, and government institutions who possess a wide range of knowledge and have made outstanding contributions in engineering and technological sciences, and closely related fields. The EAJ aims to contribute to the advancement of Japan and the world through the following activities to promote engineering and technological sciences overall and to maintain and improve ties between these areas of endeavor and the general public.

  1. Actively engage in studies related to engineering and technological sciences policy and education, etc. in Japan and abroad, and also make related proposals.
  2. Energetically engage in various activities, including studies to contribute to the promotion of interdisciplinary and inter-industry activities and those in newly emerging technological fields in Japan and abroad.
  3. Promote professional education activities in order to contribute to the sound advancement of engineering and technological sciences in Japan and abroad, and engage in activities to inform the public about science and technology.
  4. Enhance cooperative ties with various organizations in Japan and abroad, particularly engineering academies overseas, and promote joint projects to effectively implement the various above activities.
  5. As a key Asian member of the International Council of Academies of Engineering and Technological Sciences, fulfill duties and provide sound advice regarding the establishment of engineering academies, particularly in neighboring nations.
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