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公益社団法人 日本工学アカデミー



Email: academy(at)
Phone: 03-6811-0586
〒101-0064 東京都千代田区神田猿楽町二丁目7番3号 HKパークビルⅢ 2F





The academy currently has approximately 800 individual members, and it is operated solely from individual members’ fees and supporting dues from the businesses endorsing the aims of the academy’s activities.

EAJ members are from leading positions in Japanese engineering and technological sciences. They are people who consider it their duty to employ their knowledge and experience in engineering and technological sciences not just to promote engineering in Japan, but also to cooperate as volunteers in the continuous development of mankind around the globe. Recommendation by at least 3 regular members is necessary in order to be considered as a regular member, and the agreement of the candidate involved is required after examination by the Member Nominating Committee followed by the approval of the Board of Directors. Individual members are admitted on account of their individual qualifications, and they do not therefore represent the organizations to which they belong.

Regional Activities

Members outside the Metropolitan Tokyo area are not only active in the Board of Directors, committees, and task forces. Regions outside the Tokyo Metropolitan area are split into 5 areas, and business is promoted by regional members led by directors representing the region.

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